Bitcoin Price Soaring to 1.200$

New Bitcoin record 1.200$

This month Bitcoin hit a new record ~1270$ on MtGox, that is an all time high record and it’s been over 1.000$ for over a week now.

Mt.Gox exchange rate 4 Nov - 2 Dec 2013

Mt.Gox exchange rate 4 Nov – 2 Dec 2013

More and more stores and businesses have adopted bitcoin as a payment method and bringing more attention to bitcoin and the business it self, this is actually a good way for start-ups to get a bit of free publicity.
China’s third largest mobile network now accepts bitcoin as payment, customers are now able to buy phone or pay their bills with bitcoin.

The popularity of bitcoin has increased lately in China, as of November  china’s exchange processor became the world’s number one due to the huge volume exchanged and according to Bitnodes China has the second-largest amount of Bitcoin Nodes.




According to Bloomberg Businessweek, BTC China has been in talks with regulators trying to make Bitcoin an official currency but so far it didn’t get the seal of approval however  even eBay president John Donahoe said that PayPal might one day incorporate bitcoin as a currency.


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